Small Business Capital Ready Certification Class Enrollment

Small Business Capital Ready Certification

BCLI, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, offers an educational program to increase access to capital for entrepreneurs, especially minority-, veteran-, and women-owned businesses, incorporating the award-winning Money Smart for Small Business (MSSB) curriculum developed by the FDIC and promoted by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA).

Most entrepreneurs do not qualify for affordable bank and SBA business financing as they are not properly prepared to meet the underwriting requirements.  Furthermore, few small business owners understand the proven process of accessing capital under their EIN without the use of their personal credit, commonly referred to as “business credit”.

This grant-subsidized curriculum addresses guaranteed access to business credit and SBA loans.  Developed with the input from business bankers, SBA lenders, SBDC advisors, SCORE mentors, and others, it provides a core foundation required to access capital for pre-launch, start-up, and existing businesses.

Many refer this to the most valuable “Business Financial Literacy” available that is needed by every small business owner.  While there are many small business training programs, workshops, and classes available, this is the ONLY one with a:

  1. laser-focused curriculum on accessing capital versus general education topics;
  2. hands-on workshop versus a lecture; and
  3. $100.000 capital raise guarantee for attendees who complete the programming.


The one day, in-person workshop is a practical, hands-on experience addressing the following:

  • Increasing awareness of the 27 most common mistakes that keep small businesses from accessing capital (and how to get approved).
  • Understanding and optimizing personal and business credit scores to meet the 165 FICO SBSS requirement to qualify for up to a $150,000 SBA loan that is available even for start-ups.
  • Comprehending the importance of having a solid bank rating to qualify for funding and innovative strategies to accomplish even for cash-strapped businesses.
  • Learning the secrets of building business credit under your EIN without the use of your personal credit.
  • Rather than a lecture, we’ll literally develop the following during the one day workshop to obtain a SBA 7(a) Express Loan:
    •  A lender-compliant business plan
    • A lender-compliant revenue and expense projection
    • A lender-compliant Personal Financial Statement (PFS)
    • A lender-compliant Uses of Funds


Participants pay a $299 refundable deposit when they enroll.

Upon completing the one day class, participants have the option to receive additional guidance for a twelve month period.  During this time, we’ll work together to ensure you reach a minimum of a $100,000 capital raise (the economic impact threshold required by the grant), we will allocate grant funding to reimburse the $299 refundable deposit.

Small Business Capital Ready Certification Class Enrollment

  • Price: $ 299.00
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